Sisters gallery

artworks that exemplify the highest standards

Sisters gallery

We are dedicated to promoting artists who possess potential to become both collectible and investment-worthy

SISTERS Gallery takes great pride in presenting a curated selection of artworks that exemplify the highest standards of artistic excellence.

Receive expert guidance and support

We possess extensive knowledge  in the realm of art.

We believe that art is not merely a decorative item but an investment in culture and creativity. Each artwork in our collection represents a distinctive artistic vision, capturing the essence of the artist’s talent and their unique perspective.

Seamless collaboration throughout the process

We provide our clients with the opportunity to acquire original artworks accompanied by certificates of authenticity, personally signed by the artists themselves.





Discover the beauty and investment potential at SISTERS Gallery

We actively seek to contribute to the enrichment of the art market by fostering a platform for Ukrainian artists to exhibit their works.

We are dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Ukrainian contemporary art, encouraging dialogue, and inspiring creativity within society.

Beauty and artistic excellence

By clicking on each painting, you can immerse yourself in its  details and appreciate the masterful techniques employed by the artists and get to know the story of a painting.

Not just a painting

We believe that paintings are more than just decorative pieces; they hold the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and serve as valuable investments.
When you acquire a painting from SISTERS Gallery, you can rest assured that you are not only acquiring a beautiful piece of art but also a potential investment.

Understanding the art market

To further ensure the value of our offerings, we keep a close pulse on the art market and track the sales performance of the artists we collaborate with.
This enables us to provide informed insights into the future price development of the paintings we offer.