Our mission is to enrich the art market, primarily in Denmark but also in Europe by contributing to the cultural development of society.

High quality art

With your purchase, you receive a personally signed certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the exclusivity of your artwork.

Our monitoring of global sales ensures informed investment decisions. Let us guide you in selecting a truly unique painting that resonates with your taste.

Building your art collection

We assist you in creating an art collection that combines aesthetic pleasure and investment potential. Our expertise helps you select pieces aligning with your taste while considering their value growth.

Diversification is crucial; our curators guide you in selecting artworks across mediums, genres, and styles, ensuring balance and appeal to buyers. We understand the emotional connection to art; our curators work closely to reflect your personality and vision.

Our Artists


Yevhen Shapovalov

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Andrey Chebotaru

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Volodymyr Podlevsky

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Ed Potapenkov

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