Aspect XXXII, 2022

Aspect XXXII, 2022, One aspect-series, 2012-2023,   Volodymyr Podlevsky (1960),

120 x 120,

Oil, acrylic, canvas

Aspect XXXII, part of Volodymyr Podlevsky’s “One Aspect” series, delves into the interplay of light and nature.

This painting transports viewers to a fairy tale realm with enchanting plants and tranquil colors, infusing a sense of magic and curiosity.

The intricate details and skillful brushstrokes create a vivid dreamscape filled with stories waiting to be discovered.

Volodymyr Podlevsky invites us to reconnect with nature’s mystical beauty, offering a portal to a harmonious realm of awe and wonder, where reality and enchantment coexist. In its soothing and evocative qualities, the artwork nurtures the mind, heart, and spirit.

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