Aspect XXXXIV, 2023

Aspect XXXXIV, 2022, One aspect-series, 2012-2023,   Volodymyr Podlevsky (1960),

120 x 120,

Oil, acrylic, canvas

Aspect XXXXIV, a mesmerizing piece from Volodymyr Podlevsky’s “One Aspect” series, explores light’s interaction with the natural world.

This aspect focuses on vibrant flora, exuding optimism and vitality. Sunlight filters through foliage, casting enchanting rays that create depth and dimension. Lush vegetation and exquisite flowers bloom with radiant hues, infusing the painting with serene joy and harmony.

Painted in Belgium in 2023, it reflects the artist’s surroundings and experiences, capturing a moment’s essence with unique artistic expression. The artwork exemplifies Podlevsky’s exploration of cosmic interconnectedness, evoking beauty and contemplation. It brings hidden aspects of nature to light.

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