Insight II, 2023

Insight II, 2023, Archons-series, 2012-2023, Volodymyr Podlevsky (1960),

Oil, acrylic on canvas

160 x 105

Volodymyr Podlevsky’s “Insight II” is a masterpiece within his “Archons” series, ongoing from 2010


In this work of art, a central figure takes center stage—a mysterious woman, whose countenance embodies the essence of an archon. Her eyes, half-closed and imbued with an enigmatic allure, invite contemplation of her innermost thoughts and emotions.

Through a skillful choice of colours, Podlevsky conjures an atmosphere of profound introspection, prompting us to wonder about the depths of insight she possesses.

Is she pondering the secrets of the universe, the mysteries of existence, or the transcendental truths she has encountered on her spiritual journey?

Unique work

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EUR 5.000