Insight III, 2023

Insight III, 2023, Archons-series, 2012-2023, Volodymyr Podlevsky (1960),

120 x 120

Volodymyr Podlevsky’s “Insight III” is a masterpiece within his “Archons” series, ongoing from 2010.

In ‘Insight III’ of Volodymyr Podlevsky’s ‘The Archons’ series, the enigmatic woman’s visage is a haunting testament to the artist’s mastery in capturing the enigmatic essence of his subject matter. With her face partially revealed, she remains a compelling enigma, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of her contemplative spirit.

The woman’s half-closed eyes seem to hold the secrets of the cosmos, as if she has unlocked the mysteries of existence through her journey of inner exploration. Her hair elegantly gathered up, adorned with exquisite earrings, speaks of a refined and profound connection to both earthly and ethereal realms.

One cannot help but wonder about the thoughts that occupy her mind, the insights she has gleaned from her encounters with the transcendent. Is she a guardian of ancient wisdom, a harbinger of esoteric knowledge, or a conduit to a higher consciousness?

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