Insight VII, 2023

Insight VII, 2023, Archons-series, 2012-2023, Volodymyr Podlevsky (1960),

100 x 120

Volodymyr Podlevsky’s “Insight VII” is a masterpiece within his “Archons” series, ongoing from 2010.

“Insight VIII” is painted in 2023 and is a tapestry of warm colors and intricate details, depicting the visage of an Archon in a visual symphony that mirrors the chaos and harmony of existence. Rich hues of saffron and gold blend seamlessly, creating a powerful portrayal of an Archon that transcends time and space. The Archon, a meditating sage, exudes an otherworldly aura, connecting the viewer to the divine energy of the Archons.

Unique work

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EUR 5.000